Michiel de Nooij

Economisch Onderzoek en Advies


My expertise is in sport and economics, regulation, economic problems on the energy market and social cost benefit analysis on a broad array of topics. Examples of my research include (see my publication list for a complete overview):

Social cost benefit analysis

  1. the welfare effect of organizing the Olympic Games
  2. the economics of bidding for a mega sports event
  3. the welfare effect of organizing the World Cup football
  4. investment in electricity interconnectors between countries
  5. the social costs and benefits of subsidies to spur internationalization of companies
  6. second opinions of several social cost benefit analyses made to back up investment proposals (rail, road, and property development)
  7. the welfare effects of ownership unbundling
  8. valuing supply interruptions of electricity
  9. policy aiming at attracting international organizations
  10. investment in sewage works
  11. investments in the quality of the public space in a tourist area


  1. the effect of regulation to spur independent television makers
  2. the effects of changes in the regulation of the electricity and gas distribution companies
  3. the welfare costs of taxation
  4. the effect of free pricing on the market for psychotherapy
  5. the costs of long times to completion in the legal system
  6. using competition and efficient pricing to increase the efficiency of locally produced public goods
  7. the relation between gas and electricity market in the Netherlands and implications for competition

Energy economics

  1. development and application of a method to evaluate investments in the high voltage grid taking the cost of supply interruptions into account
  2. income effects of changing the energy billing structure especially with respect to the costs of the grid
  3. the effect of high electricity prices for large end users
  4. entry into the electricity and gas retail market
  5. households motivations for being self-sufficient
  6. a cost benefit analysis of gas storage
  7. stimulation of CO2 free glass horticulture

Sports economics

  1. Social costs and benefits of organizing the World Cup soccer in the Netherlands
  2. Welfare effects of organizing the Olympic games in the Netherlands
  3. Social cost benefit analysis of bidding for a mega sports events versus a cost benefit analysis of organizing the actual event
  4. Difference between economic impact analysis versus social cost benefit analysis of a sport event
  5. Social effects of the ‘Dam tot Damloop’
  6. Economic and political economy motives to bid for a mega sport event